• Travel Japan Comfortably and Hands-Free Hotel-to-hotel delivery
  • Inside moving Shinkansen trains. Baggage gets in the way, making travel uncomfortable.
  • Dining establishments line alleyways. They’re fun, but cramped.
  • Atmospheric cobblestone streets and stairs. Baggage wheels don’t work, so you have to carry heavy baggage.
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Transporting baggage is one of the hardest parts of sightseeing in Japan.

That’s what we’ve heard from people travelling in Japan.
Even on the Shinkansen, used for long distance domestic travel, there’s no space for anything except small hand baggage.
We developed this delivery service to enable people to enjoy convenient, hands-free travel in Japan, so they can visit historical back streets,
spiritually refreshing shrines and temples, packed dining areas, and more.

Easily stroll through shrines, cobblestone streets, and areas with stairs!
Perfect for stores with the small counters common in Japan!
You can even make service reservations while travelling from our smartphone site!
* Reservations must be received by two days before travel date
Convenient for Shinkansen travel!
No need to worry about buying too many souvenirs!
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Hands-free convenience
between airport and home

Our Airport Delivery Service also frees you from having to shuttle baggage between your home and the airport. You carry your memories, we’ll carry your baggage.

About the Airport Delivery Service

Group usage

We offer various Airport Delivery and Hotel Same-Day Delivery Service options to fit different usage scenarios.
Please feel free to consult us regarding your needs.

About group usage
Hands-Free Travel

Many travelers to Japan come on their own, and have to carry large baggage as they travel through the country. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism promotes the use of delivery and transport services to create a hands-free sightseeing environment that allows visitors to enjoy sightseeing without needing to carry their own baggage.

Hotels where service can be used