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Travel hands-free to truly enjoy sightseeing in Japan.

Hands-Free Travel

One of the great things about travelling in Japan is the safety and punctuality of its train system, exemplified by the Shinkansen.
There is not a lot of space inside trains, so passengers sometimes find themselves without places to put their luggage. Handling large luggage can make what should be pleasant travel into an unpleasant experience.
Travelling hands-free provides greater convenience and allows you to truly enjoy your trip.

Go hands-free by using airport delivery between the airport and your hotel.
Use our Hotel Same-Day Delivery Service for deliveries between Tokyo hotels and Kyoto and Osaka hotels.
On the way home, use our temporary Baggage Storage Service to enjoy shopping and dining in Narita Airport.

We offer a variety of services that allow you to sightsee hands-free.
Use these mixed services in your tour and lodging plans to improve traveler satisfaction.

Special rates are available for groups.

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