Airport Delivery FAQ

Below are several frequently asked questions regarding the Airport Delivery Service.
If your question is not answered here, please contact us by telephone or email.

Can collection be performed on the day the order is placed?

Same-day collection is available for orders placed by 12:00 p.m. in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba. However, same-day collection is not available in some areas, so please call us to confirm in advance.

Is same-day delivery available from the airport to the home?

Same-day delivery is possible only for Tokyo’s 23 wards.
Please check the address information at the following URL.

What return services are available?

We offer a wide range of delivery services for return trips, including specified delivery time service, refrigerated delivery, and TOP delivery. Please check at the QL counter for details.

Are there any delivery service discounts?

Pamphlets with coupons are sent to travel agencies nationwide, so please inquire at the travel company with which you have made your travel plans. A 200 yen discount is applied to delivery service orders placed via our website, so please feel free to place your order online. (Discounts and coupons cannot be combined.)

Should I prepare a collection or delivery label before departure?

We will create a collection ticket based on the information you provide to us when ordering the service. This collection ticket will be brought by the collection driver, so you do not need to prepare a label.

Can articles other than suitcases be sent?

Cardboard boxes (with a combined width, height, and depth of 140cm or less), bags, golf bags, and skis may be sent. Some other articles may not be sent. Please contact us by telephone for details.

How does departure date payment work?

Payment is made when picking up baggage from the QL counters on the departure floors of airports.

Customers delivering baggage to hotels in the Narita area should stop by the Narita Airport QL counter and pay before departing.

When using round trip service, please purchase a “return delivery charge proof of payment certificate” from the counter. A 200 yen discount is offered for return delivery.

Where are the QL Liner counters?

[Narita Airport]
  • Terminal 1 (South Wing)
  • Departures: Next to 4th floor K counter
  • Arrivals: At the far right after leaving Customs
  • Terminal 1 (North Wing)
  • Departures: Next to 4th floor F counter
  • Arrivals: At the far left after leaving Customs
  • Terminal 2
  • Departures: In front of the 3rd floor north A counter
  • Arrivals: On the 1st floor, turning left after leaving the Customs A zone
[Haneda Airport International Terminal]
ANA Delivery Service counter
  • Departures: 3rd floor south side
  • Arrivals: 2nd floor, immediately at right after leaving Customs
  • For details, please see the Counter Location Page.

Can suitcases have tags or key holders?

Please remove any tags and key holders, as they can become lost during transport.